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Is It Frustrating to Be Asked if You Need Help Constantly?

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Editor's Note: The following question and answer was curated from a webinar titled "Disability Awareness and Etiquette." Questions were asked by attendees, and the answers were provided by an Accessibility Consultant at Level Access who is blind. Her answers are based on personal preference and are to be considered as only suggestions.


Q: Is it frustrating to be asked if you need help constantly? Is there etiquette around how often or when to ask someone if they need help or to let them be and wait for them to ask for help when they need it?  

A:  I don’t think it’s frustrating to be asked all the time, I think one thing that’s important to consider is that it doesn’t end up happening all the time. Especially when you develop a cadence with all your colleagues in the office, as your colleagues get to know you, they start to figure out times that you may or may not need help and get familiar with you and your independence.  I’m not being pestered all the time, but in terms of figuring out that etiquette around it, I don’t think it's ever annoying for people to ask too often. I think over time you’ll figure that out with your colleagues, and if you say “you ask me a lot, I don’t really need that much help” I think they’ll communicate that to you. I’m never that bothered by it, I’d much prefer that my colleagues just ask if they’re not sure. Very open communication, being upfront about what we need and don’t need. 

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