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Testing Components & React Library

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Q: We’re currently using storybook to browse document our React library, we’ve run into trouble in manually testing of our components within the storybook because storybook itself is not at all accessible. Do you know of other tools we should use for browsing our component library or did you roll your own? 

A: I would recommend setting up a demonstration page with all your components and testing that automatically and manually if you haven’t already, just to see what you can put together. It’s probably not going to be as robust as Storybook. We kept it quite simplethere are not very many options for changing up the variants of your components, we have some primary and secondary colors that we can change in real time but barring those it is a simple gallery. Putting something very simple together might get the ball rolling at least. Even placing and testing the most used button on a page will cover a lot. 

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