What you can do with Access Advisor

Top Recommendations:
Remediation Support
We can make remediation easier for your team. We recommend utilizing this support right away for the issues in your audit report with the highest Tractability (T) rating.
Ad-hoc Accessibility Consulting
Access to our specialists allowing your team to focus on business solutions for your users, eliminating development bottlenecks for formal accessibility validations
Validation Testing
After completing initial remediation efforts and solving issues in your report, you’ll work directly with our Services staff to address non-compliant code by validating fixes.
Design Reviews
If your team has something in the early design or wireframe phase, our experts can look it over and identify any accessibility concerns or potential issues. This will save you precious time and cost by avoiding lengthy remediation work.
According to where you are in your SDLC:
Wireframe/Comp Reviews
General Consulting
Framework/Standards Creation
Assist with “Walkthrough” calls for Developer transition
General Consulting
Remediation Guidance
Agile Team Embedment
Validation/Regression Testing
Testing (Automated / Manual / Assistive technology)
Compliance Audits (Annual or after major releases)
Project Management/Planning
Re-testing or audit
Ad-hoc Accessibility Consulting
Strategic Consulting projects (engaging Senior Consultants will deduct hours at a higher rate)
Training on how to perform accessibility testing
Policy & Program Development
Advanced training and onsite training through Level Access’s Strategic Training & Consulting team
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